Anonymous said:
That's my point exactly, you cant "love" who dont know. But I appreciate the education that you have answered me, no insult intended, just that was my point

Why can’t I, though? I don’t know him personally, but so what? What are the “rules” or limitations for who you can fall in love with and who you can say you love? You don’t need for someone to love you back to be in love. I also don’t think you have to know everything about another person before you can say you love them, because who does? I know enough about him to like him, I like him enough, and feel all the feelings towards him that you do for the person you love. I don’t have to hang out with him in real life on regular basis before I can say I feel those feelings. It’s not something you choose, it something that happens. Maybe you don’t think it’s possible, and I know that many people say that, but I see it differently. You can also argue that I can’t say I know him because I don’t know him personally. I disagree with that too. But I won’t get into that because I’ve already explained it a long time ago. I don’t mean to be aggressive, I just think our view is just different that’s all.

Anonymous said:
Dont get me wrong. but I think your fanaticism for Yamada crossing obsession and unhealthy obsession. I hope that life for something better because I look like a smart person.

Okeydokey. Well, don’t get me wrong either, but you don’t know me personally. I know how I can look to a person who doesn’t know me other than through this blog. But this is a Yamada fan blog, so obviously it’s all Yamada. It’s not like I don’t have a life outside this blog. I love him more than my own life but I can assure you my health is just fine. 

Life update

Hi I’m back!! Kind of. The thing is, I will be really busy from now on too, especially the next 2-3 weeks. But I’m so sad I’ve missed so much and haven’t had time to gif Kindaichi etc that I’ll try to do what I can, but please bear with me. However, I’m excited that I can finally tell you all the reason for all this: I received a MEXT scholarship and I’ll be studying a year in Daito Bunka Daigaku in Tokyo starting next month!! 


The thing is that I got the final confirmation really late, and the departure is like a month earlier than I expected, so I have so much to do before leaving that I’m almost going crazy here! However, I’m just so happy that my dream has finally come true that I don’t even mind so much! I’m so excited about living in Japan and not to mention, I’ll be seeing Yamada soon!! I don’t know yet how busy I’ll be during my year or how much I can do here, but I’ll still definitely be here so don’t worry :) Just don’t mind if I’ll be away/slow at times. I’ll continue posting asap!!

Grasshopper Book Review


I just finished reading Grasshopper last night, and I’m dying to ramble about it so I decided to collect some thoughts of the book itself, and also with the upcoming movie in mind! If you don’t want to know anything, this will include spoilers (not the ending though), but if you’re curious to know more about the story, Semi, and what to expect from the movie, this is for you!

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